All levels welcome for our classes!


Basic skills and understanding of hip hop dance fundamentals are discussed. Light introductions to bboying, popping, locking, house, and choreography regularly occur. hip-hop combines various fundamental hip-hop styles with choreography to offer a more challenging level of hip-hop for people who wish to continue mastering hip-hop dance.


Bboying is a great introductory class to those interested in bboying. Basic toprock, footwork, power, and freezes will be taught in a manageable and fun environment. Variations, battling, and stage performance will be taught.


Urban Dance/Hip Hop Choreography

This relative of hip-hop street styles is choreography driven and most prominently used for stage performances. The fundamental focus will primarily be decided by the choreographer; however, this class can be taken by any individual interested in dance and offers much variety.


Locking, originally known as Campbellocking, is a funk style dance that consists of fast, exaggerated arm and leg movements which often transition into sudden freezes in movement, also known as locks. This class will teach you the various fundamental movements used in locking and help you develop proficiency by practicing technique, combinations, and choreography.